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This blog is not my attempt to analyze a long list of works of fiction for their merits or comment on newly published books. What I want to do is share with you the books I love and tell you why I love them.  Have you ever enjoyed a book so much that after reading it you wanted to buy everyone a copy and secretly place it on each welcome mat?

I am trying to mine nuggets of great books from my childhood, young adulthood and teaching years.  I adventure on new expeditions into fiction, too, and welcome your suggestions.

Reading offers us lifelong delight and my hope is that whoever reads this blog will keep going with great reading habits, increase their reading time, or simply begin the adventure of reading for pleasure.

God keep you in His care and Happy Reading, Laure Covert




I also blog on spiritual matters on http://www.bluebirdsalwaysfly.wordpress.com




18 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Joan Liversidge

    Somewhat late with the comments. Did that for the Jan Karon book and then lost it. Just saw The Wrinkle in Time. I found a series from a new writer for children that finds inspiration from Madeline L’Engle – Rebecca Stead. Ordering them for the Whiteside youngest ones. And, I have many of her non-fiction novels here in hardback. She was a very special spiritual guide during a time of great searching for truth about God and Christ. Can’t repeat my thoughts on Jan Karon except that I did love the book – being immersed with Father Tim in all his humanity and great faith and following the tales of all in his family and community.

  2. Your blog is beautiful, Laure. I love re-reading books too. One of them is The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, but I like reading the original in French.

  3. Here’s another award for you! The Dragon’s Loyalty Award. Blessings to you!

  4. I have books like that. The Old Capital by Yasunari Kawabata, The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway, The Heart of the Matter by Graham Greene, The River Runs Through It by Norman Maclean, Selected Stories by William Trevor. I read these over and over and each time find so much pleasure in them.

  5. Hi Laure:

    Happy New Year! Thanks for liking my post on Great Book Log on wordpress.com.

    I’ve bookmarked your blog…from a quick review I see we have a lot in common!


  6. Thanks for your like on my More to Life Today blog post where I’m a contributing devotional writer. Stop by my own writing blog http://www.violetsvibes.wordpress.com for writing with a touch of humor.

  7. Sianna

    I recently read Andrea Trigiani’s book, The Shoemaker’s Wife. One of my favorite and most memorable characters is Enza Ravennelli. Have you read it?

  8. Whoops. Someone beat me to it. I also nominated you for a “Liebster Award.” Oh, well. I just wanted to acknowledge how much I’ve enjoyed your blog.

  9. JAHirsch

    Hi Laure. I’ve really enjoyed keeping up with your blog. I nominated you on my blog for the Liebster Blog Award! I hope you’ll participate!

    • How “new” does a blog need to be to be eligible for the Liebster Blog Award?

      • JAHirsch

        I don’t believe it’s a time limit, from what I’ve read, as long as there are less than 300 followers. Either way, I believe your blog definitely deserves some recognition and I hope you had some new followers from the link on my page!

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