Plan Ahead for Summer Reading

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s almost summertime and I am pushing my “read more” agenda again! Here are some specific ideas for getting more from your reading this summer:

1) Read more – set higher personal reading goals! Summer reading is a special experience because is often takes place out of doors, on a beach or a porch swing. We can allow ourselves a large allocation of time to read during this season because our routine is changing as we welcome our children home from school and make vacation plans.

My goal: Read a minimum of an hour a day June -August.

2) Connect with others in your reading! Reading is not a solitary happening, but a satisfying conduit for building common experiences. Use your inner circle’s reading recommendations – children, spouses, parents, librarians, and friends. Target your children’s favorite book and watch their pleasure as you become familiar with the plots and characters they love.

My goal: Read The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler by E.L. Konigsburg

See! A boy is reading in this candid photo.

See! A boy is reading in this candid photo.

3) Stretch your mental muscles! All have the capacity to enjoy a classic book. Although there is no harm in seeking a “light” read; the mental challenge in reading classic literature propels you into new depths — past the shallow water of superficial plots and stereotypical characters.

My goal: Read The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde

4) Re-read a childhood favorite! Go down memory lane and enjoy that classic children’s book again. Perhaps a family member might join you in this endeavor, but even when you read something independently, you can still take time to share excerpts that you felt most impacted by; whether it be humorous, serious, or touching.

My goal: Read Winnie-The-Pooh by A.A. Milne.4cd2e-the_sweetness_at_the_bottom_of_the_pie

5) Listen to an audio version of a book! On a family car trip or even during your mundane work commute, pop in an audio book and enjoy a good story as the miles roll by.  As a side effect, if your children are listening too, audio versions of books allow them to participate and experience literature above their own reading level.

My goal: Listen to the fourth book in the Flavia de Luce mystery series, I am Half-Sick of Shadows by Alan Bradley (Book #1 is The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie – all the books are narrated splendidly by Jayne Entwhistle)

6) Be a good reading example to others! Maybe this summer is the time to read purely for enjoyment. Others watch what you do more than what you say, so if you especially want your spouse or children to pick up a book in their spare time, – to “read for pleasure” – as the phrase goes, then you must do the same.  Show them by example that reading isn’t always work!

My goal: to put up my feet in the daytime and read when the chores are not yet done.

7) Hit the library! Make use of your tax dollars and browse the local library for good ideas and free books to borrow. Library summer reading programs for kids and adults help direct our goals to increase reading with their prizes and recognition.

My goal: Sign us all up for the Dauphin County Library summer reading program on June 1st.

da69a-girl-reading1So, enjoy some special reading adventures this summer and please tell me about them!

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6 thoughts on “Plan Ahead for Summer Reading

  1. Wendy

    George Muller of Bristol by A.T. Pierson

    We love that you got the Milne reference 🙂

  2. debzywebzy

    This is great! I have a shelf of books that I need to read this summer before I start at Oxford and academic reading takes over my life for ten months (although I’m hoping it won’t!), so I will have a very hot Spanish summer full of multilingual and very diverse reading!
    My list:
    The Language Insinct – Steven Pinker
    Tu Rostro Mañana – Javier Marías (Spanish)
    The Art Thief – Noah Charney (translated to Portuguese). This has mixed reviews and seems to have been slammed by a number of reviewers for the author’s writing style, yet praised by others for it’s accuracy regarding art history. Perhaps it will be more enjoyable translated!
    Terra Firme – Matilda Asensi (Spanish)
    Grimms Complete Fairytales – all the faves plus some short and sweet never-heard-of-this-one-before folk tales. There are over 200 to get through!
    Some scholarly articles – any relevant to my degree that I can dig up for free on the internet before the student perks kick in.

    Looking forward to this!
    All the best for you summer of reading!

    • Oh my goodness, your pleasure reading list looks awfully academic to me! Wonderful to hear of a linguist pursuing such rich treasures in books originally published in Portuguese and Spanish! You are a world traveler in literature and in reality. Blessings on your summer! May it be relaxing 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog and offering such a wonderful comment.

      • debzywebzy

        Don’t be deceived! The Art Thief is crime ficiton. A genre I can’t resist!

  3. Wendy

    Dear Sweet Friend, I was sitting here getting my summer reading list together when your post popped up in my inbox! Love your #1 as my favorite thing to say about a book is ‘This is a book to be read outside in the sunshine’ and I love to read novels with long descriptions of nature
    in the summer (my choice: E.M Forster, maybe Tolkien after reading your review) #2 Connect: Dear, mentor-like friends recommended the biography of George Muller to me and I am 1/2 thru and loving this book. I’ve not read many biographies so its a new genre for me. #3 Challenge: Wuthering Heights, this book scared me so bad when I read it in school that I want to try and face it again 🙂 I read Jane Eyre last summer, I did not remember how strong the Christian message is in that book. #5 Alan Bradley can’t write books fast enough for me so I am going to listen to one I’ve read! Will have to think about a childhood favorite, ‘even so’, you can’t go wrong with Milne.

    Surely in heaven we will be able to sit and talk about our favorite books together. xoxo

    • Wow, Wendy, you are so organized planning out your reading already 🙂 I wrote this post and then sat back and realized I had set really high standards for myself this summer ! Hannah and I were in the library a few days ago and she told me she loved The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler so much and I got inspired to add it to my list! What is the title of the George Mueller biography? It sounds like a winner. Thanks for your comment – it was an enjoyable window into your life 🙂 “A bear no matter how hard he tries grows tubby without exercise.” 🙂

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